The EDIH DoFuture from the European metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar stands for the concentrated competence and innovative power in numerous future industries and key technologies. It is characterized by an existing cluster system and innovative regional governance.

Within the EDIH project we will connect all existing offers, services, research and educational institutions as well as offers for technology and start-up support, established and new players and stakeholders of all kinds in a single meta-network – our EDIH.

This meta-network is the basis for our one-stop-store, our one-stop agency, which we will make visible with a marketplace of opportunities, offers and ideas.

Our vision

On this digital and analog marketplace, we present the large and unique diversity transparently, so that every SME and every public sector stakeholder gets a suitable offer for their needs. This is flanked by intelligent, AI-based, smart services, which support the respective players in building up the individually meaningful and suitable knowledge and the networks necessary for this and analyze the respective needs for this in a suitable manner.

Europe-wide open-innovation-spaces are created digitally and analogously. Due to the unique diversity of the DoFuture-EDIH-Rhein-Neckar, these spaces hold enormous innovation potential, which will be increased by linking and collaborating with stakeholders from all over Europe.

Smart open innovation spaces are implemented in conjunction with a data-innovation-platform and an innovation-radar.

Analogous Open-Innovation-Spaces and -events are planned in open cooperation with all other EDIHs and possible national structures (e.g. in Germany the de.hubs and countryhubs, such as digital hub kurpfalz@bw). Using the latest methodology and innovative tools, this will make the unique European innovation space visible and activate it for the first time in a cross-sectoral and cross-value chain approach. In this context, the EDIH DoFuture actively offers to significantly strengthen the networking of the European EDIH network.

Data Innovation Platforms
Innovation Radar
Further Education
Digital and Analog Marketplace

„We are a unique marketplace for ideas, the exchange of innovations and are intensively engaged with the future of our data. In and from Rhine-Neckar, we are networked with many experts and partners throughout Europe and beyond.“

About us

DoFuture is a joint project in and from the Rhine-Neckar European Metropolitan Region around the nucleus Rhine-Neckar Regional Association (Verband Region Rhein-Neckar) and the regional centers of Heidelberg and Mannheim. Hand in hand with many other stakeholders from the region and across Europe, we are working to implement digital innovations in a structured and integrated way for the entire region.



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